I’m just a guy who likes to ride bikes: mostly mountain, not so much road – unless you’re counting when I go out riding with my kid. I tried road racing for a while, but even when I had a lot of time to ride and was in what was probably the best shape I’ve ever been in in my life I still was off the back the majority of the time. I never ended up over the bars on the road, probably since I was off the back away from the action and crashes. Off the road over the bars used to happen quite a bit when I was starting out. I’ve improved over the years and now I seem to be able to limit my trips over the bars to a few times a year. I gave mountain bike racing a try early on, but at some point I realized that instead of paying someone to tell me that I have to ride as fast as I can a limited amount of times around a fixed course I could go out and ride where, for as long as, and at the pace that I wanted. Not being that competitive, either physically or psychologically, I chose the latter. I will still pay to ride on occasion, but the only competition involved is to see how many times I can catch the lift to the top of the mountain. Speaking of money, no one’s giving me any to do this bike thing so I write software to get by. I occasionally write about that too, but not here. While this blog is ostensibly about bikes, I’ll probably wander afield on whatever topic strikes me.


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